• How does Trust Wallet work?

    Trust Wallet is a multi-coin mobile wallet that gives users access to multiple chains in one application. Unlike browser-based wallets, every blockchain is accessible from the moment you download the app. There's no need to add in a blockchain's specific details to begin making transactions or interacting with (DApps).


    Trust Wallet users have total control over their seed phrase, making the app You can also store Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain (NFTS) within the app and view their associated art. Another key feature for Trust Wallet users is its in-built DApp browser.

    In-built DApp browser

    Built within the Trust Wallet app is its Web3 DApp browser. This lets you interact and access DApps without leaving the Trust Wallet app or needing to connect with a desktop device. DApp users can interact with the application directly on the blockchain. There is no need to sign up or login. You can use a variety of DApps, including OpenSea, PancakeSwap, 1inch, and Uniswap, seamlessly. For a time, Trust Wallet was one of the only mobile wallets that offered the feature.




    To further improve user safety and security, Trust Wallet login Trust's DApp Marketplace provides a selection of vetted DApps that meet quality and security standards. These DApps are also optimized for mobile performance, so users can manage their crypto and DApps directly from their phones.

    • is built primarily for mobile devices, it is also available for newer Apple Mac desktop and laptop computers running the Apple M1 chip. It is not available for older Apple Mac platforms or Windows PCs.


    for Apple Mac desktops and laptops running the Apple M1 chip is available using the App Store. Users can search for the app in the store, and download it directly to their computers. The interface is exactly the same as the mobile app, with the exception of